Repentance and Redemption

This video popped up in our YouTube feed. It is Nehemia Gordon speaking in Israel with Israel First and they are discussing redemption.

and it’s fascinating to consider this redemption teaching in light of what we are learning. I shared it with Skip for next weekend. Or suggested it may be a “one-time” topic.

How do these ideas fit into Lambert’s presentation?

That is actually a very good question, and I agree a discussion would be good. At least to flesh out the pashat (practical) aspect of redemption…

When he read the passage with all the GA’AL (go’el) references a lightbulb went off. I believe Skip has done a study on Ruth. And the Isaiah 44:22 “redemption from sin” and Hosea 13:14 “redemption from death” references struck me. Of course, I always now ask immediately: “what does the Hebrew say?” As a Karaite and a Hebrew scholar, Gordon usually goes there.

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Yes, he does for sure… I am constantly asking the questions about pre and post Yeshua… as in “is our redemption any different before or after?”… Right now I am of the belief that his “redemption payment” is an world wide/time wide event/purchase… so the redemptive price is paid, we just happen to be post-messiah to see the resulting payment… but our “deemed righteous” still has always been God’s domain, and still is… Although now, after sacrificial obedience to the Father, Yeshua is also now our King…